Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to find the right Texas Car Insurance Company

The most important thing to remember when you are looking for new Texas Car Insurance is to shop around. Each and every company you get quoted for are going to have a different scale they are looking at in order for you to be quoted.

NFIP (Flood Insurance) Available To Flood Victims

Lacey, Wash. -- Flood insurance is typically not part of a home or business's regular insurance. Having this additional coverage can make a huge difference when faced with needing to make repairs and replace items following a flood.

California Assembly Passes $14 Billion Health Insurance Program

Jordan Rau and Patrick McGreevy, of The Los Angeles Times, report that California's "State Assembly on Monday approved the first phase of a $14.4-billion plan to extend medical insurance to nearly all residents, giving Gov.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company et al v. Super ...

Florida Southern District Court. Commercial/ICC Rates/etc. Filed: December 11, 2007. Plaintiff: New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company, New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Company, David N. Danchak, David N.

Save Money on Insurance

The site advantage term life as the name suggest is a very popular site regarding the insurance field.

Unusually Affordable Health Insurance Policies May Be Problematic

Many health insurance shoppers do not realize that by shopping for the Most Affordable Health Insurance rates, they may be setting themselves up for real problems down the road.

Our Verdicts in Life Insurance Cases: Do you have a potential lawsuit?

Our firm has represented many individuals who were wrongly denied a life insurance claim and we helped win their lawsuit.In one case, we represented a man who had obtained an insurance policy many years earlier.